A new LG G Pad with 4G passes through the FCC certification office

LG G PadLG is not the companies that have been lavished on when launching tablets without rest, when compared with others such as Korean Samsung also has different ranges such as Tab or Note. But LG yes it had in the past a device called LG G Pad which garnered rave reviews and could now have a worthy successor.

Has passed the certification process

This LG G Pad with 4G seems to have gone through the certification of the US, known FCC, which has seen its model number as well as some details that reveal that will have mobile connectivity. Or do you believe that the presence of an IMEI already said enough of this component of your hardware? The LTE connectivity would LGLK430 Cat. 4, plus Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi relevant standards.

This step to appear before the FCC is a sure sign that this new LG G Pad could be closer to being released than we imagined. Of course, missing an official confirmation from Korean to really know what the timing of them for sale.

A tablet to carry easily

This new LG G Pad could be a tablet with a screen between 7 and 8 inch sizes flee the iPad or Samsung age ranging from 9.7 inches forward. It tnto, we would be before a small, manageable and in the spirit of, for example, Google Nexus 7 extinct or, to look at other family members device, the LG G Pad LG G Pad 8.0 and 7.0.

Undoubtedly, another of the attractions of these tablets is LG installation of Android, which is quite ‘camaraderie’ and just adds extra software. There becomes a Google Play Edition but is very close and so are devices (the previous LG G Pad) that are well received by users.

Hopefully more details shortly by LG.

Toshiba announces new SD cards with NFC and Wi-Fi

Toshiba  new SD cards with NFC and Wi-Fi

How many times we find multiple memory cards and do not know if they are empty or what is inside? While this can happen with flash drives and external drives, SD cards typically when used with cameras and usually have more temporary content and content need to know ASAP.

In addition these often do not have a computer next to test them and to know its contents some phones do not have slot or have to remove the battery into. That’s why establishing a SD card supports NFC technology is very useful. With this proposal Toshiba to know the details of the card, as the space available, just touch it with a smart phone with NFC.

Not only that but also that the card will show thumbnails of images which will help to really know what it contains. But yes, there will be all only 16 and we cannot download them all. The Toshiba SDHC card with NFC is intended only for easy and quick identification of the same. It will be available in February in models of 8, 16 and 32GB Class 10.

Furthermore Toshiba has also announced its third generation of SD card with Wi-Fi, the Flash Air III. With these you can now access the Internet and their content simultaneously and management functions are improved and you can share photos directly by using an application available for Android and IOS. The availability of these cards is scheduled for March with 16 and 32GB models for just 80 and $ 100 respectively.

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